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Rev. Noemi Ioppolo (Mimi), a Medium, trained in different modalities worldwide in her path as a Spiritual teacher and student. She is dedicated to enlightening people as a counselor and teacher concerning their past, present and future. She is a channel, advisor and healer. She is a Minister, a Medical Intuitive trained in the Teachings of Edgar Cayce and Allan Kardec. Recently she has developed a relationship and a new gift of working with High Vibrational Beings that assist in her healings. She has now become a part of a Spiritual Medical Team that has come to help humanity in the quest for happiness, health and wellbeing. She has taught many students who want to walk the path to Spiritual fulfilment. She is co owner of The Energy Creation Healing & Wellness Center in Mesa.




Fran Morrison, a psychic Counselor for over thirty years, she has given readings and healings across the nation and as far away as the West Indies. Through her guides, she provides accurate, detailed and helpful information. “Ephraim” is a lively group of teachers in spirit that are channeled through Fran. Sometimes serious, often humorous “Ephraim “ provides insight into emotions, relationships and underlying issues within a person. They like to say “ We help you find the KEY to unblock your own door”