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 A Center for Healing, Wellness and Conscious Evolution

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Our Center is a special place to come and feed your soul. We have designed The Energy Creation Healing and Wellness Center to accommodate the Higher Self within each of us, and we hope that you will continue to achieve inner peace and fulfilment as you come through our path. We provide a nurturing, loving and peaceful environment for a unique metaphysical and spiritual learning experience.
We also offer healing sessions by using several types of healing modalities including:


Color Therapy


Ionic Foot Bath


Intuitive Channels

Energy Work

Home, Business, Space Clearings



Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions


Quantum Biofeedback
Quantum Touch

Sound Therapy

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Healing


Wedding Ceremonies/Blessings


Our Light Workers are Spiritual/Intuitive Counselors, and are available by appointments, classes and workshops. Customize a program to create a paradigm shift from old thinking and behaviour to new thinking and effective actions. Peak your creativity to experience your own unlimited resources of your untapped energy and inspiration. Using "proven techniques" that bring desired results, you will reach your goals and go beyond what you thought you could achieve!